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Chevy Big Block - Short Water Pump

A very strong bracket system for Big Blocks. Bolts to the heads and top water pump locations. A.C. bracket is complete with idler assembly. Will clear most valve covers.

Part Number: 104R - A.C.
Part Number: 204L - ALT.


Passenger Side Alternator Bracket. This Bracket is often used for more radiator hose space on vehicles not using air conditioning.

Part Number: 204R - ALT.


Low Profile

Engineered for low hood applications. Works great on any vehicle with a wide engine compartment - Trucks, 50-60's cars, etc. Bolts to the heads and water pump.

Part Number: 118R - A.C.
Part Number: 218L - ALT.


Same as 118R, 218L, except for opposite sides.

Part Number: 118L - A.C.
Part Number: 218R - ALT.


Designed for Tuned-Port injection Systems. They also work well with most induction systems - single carbs, multiple carbs, tunnel rams, etc. Bolts to heads and water pump. Will clear most valve covers.

Part Number: 121R - A.C.
Part Number: 221L - ALT.



Mounts the alternator low on the drivers side. A very strong lower bracket with a lot of adjustment.  Check the dimension requirements before ordering.
Part Number: 208L - ALT.



Bolts to fuel pump mounting flange. May be driven off crank and fan pulleys or crank pulley ONLY. REQUIRES USE OF A REMOTE FUEL PUMP. Check our dimension requirements before ordering.

Part Number: 108R - A.C.



This bracket is designed to use the new smaller G.M. CS130 alternator with the mounting ear in the 2 o' clock position as shown in the important info. page of this web site. It requires less space than the standard G.M. alternator used on our 208L bracket.

Part Number: 210L - ALT.



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