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Important Information

We have specialized in the supply of fabricated specialty vehicle components for many years. The mounting brackets we supply are crafted from steel plate and represent our commitment to quality. All welding is T.I.G. and all edges are smoothly finished. Our brackets are guaranteed to fit and include all the necessary bolts, nuts, spacers, hardware, belt-length recommendations and "easy to follow" illustrated instructions for simple installation. Dimension requirements for our brackets are provided within each bracket description on this web site. Please refer to these before ordering. Your satisfaction continues to be our goal.


Compressor brackets are designed for the popular Sanden 508 aftermarket compressors. These compressors are used by all of the specialty vehicle air conditioner companies. Most of these companies use our brackets as standard equipment with their air conditioning systems. The Sanden part numbers for the 508 compressors are: V groove Freon 12 - 9285, V groove Freon 134 - 4509, Serpentine Freon 12 - 9537, Serpentine Freon 134 - 4514. Aftermarket Sanden 510 and 709 compressors, while not commonly used, will also fit our brackets. Although some factory air systems use Sanden style compressors, these Will Not Work with our brackets.



Alternator brackets are designed to accept the popular G.M. alternators, both internally and externally regulated. These include the 10SI, 12SI, and the newer CS130. On the 12 o'clock alternators, the center to center of the mounting holes must be 6-9/16" for use with our brackets. The CS130 alternators are slightly smaller in diameter than the 10SI and 12SI alternators, and are available with three different mounting ear locations as shown below. These mounting ears use a metric bolt. Our standard bracket will normally work with the CS130, 12 o'clock alternator. We can supply some brackets for the 10 or 2 o'clock alternators on a special order basis. The 2 o'clock ear is usually used on low applications, where the alternator is turned upside down. The CS130 Alternators were used on late 1980-2000 G.M. applications. The 2 o'clock alternator was used with all 2.8L V-6 applications in the late 1980's (S-10, Astro Vans etc.). The 10 o'clock alternator was used on Chevy Caprice from the late 1980's to early 1990's, and Chevy Trucks from the late 1980's to 2000. The 12 o'clock alternator was used on the 1989-93 big block Chevy applications.


Chevrolet first used the attached reservoir pump in 1961 and they are still in use today in a few applications. There are a large number of pumps available that will work with our power steering pump brackets. Any pump with two attachment points on the back may be used with the correct V-8 Chevrolet power steering pump pulley. Our bracket kits are furnished with a detailed information sheet on pump applications.



Chevrolet used short water pumps on all passenger car applications thru 1968 and trucks thru 1972. Long water pumps are used on most later applications. A diagram is provided in our Dimensions page throughout this web site to show the length difference. If using a long pump we recommend the use of a 1972 or later pump, as they have a reinforced bearing area, a larger impeller and will accept a 2 groove pulley. A LONG OR SHORT WATER PUMP MAY BE USED ON ANY YEAR CHEVROLET V8 ENGINE. If overall engine length is a factor in your installation, changing from a long to a short pump will reduce the length by 1-3/8" on a small block and 1-1/2" on a big block.
IMPORTANT: Short water pump crank and water pump pulleys must be used with a short pump and long water pump crank and water pump pulleys must be used with a long pump.


We can also also supply and install all your radiator, electric cooling fan and shroud needs.

We offer a wide range of components and kits.

We can install all the systems and components that we sell.
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