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Hose Kits

Vintage Air

Barrier Type Refrigerant Hose
All Vintage Air line kits use barrier type refrigerant line for use with HFC-134a and R-12 refrigerants. Includes adequate hose length to connect complete system, all O-ring fittings and crimp ferrules.134a systems include fittings with service ports. Includes: 6ft. of #6, 4ft. of #8, 5ft. of #10 barrier hose. Standard or extra length kits available.

Standard Refrigeration Line Kit
31700-VUD Hose kit w/drier 134a
31702-VUD Hose kit w/o drier 134a
31300-VUD Hose kit w/drier R-12
31302-VUD Hose kit w/o drier R-12
31700-VBD Hose kit w/drier (for 134a beadlock)
31703-VBD Hose kit w/o drier (for 134a beadlock)
31300-VBD Hose kit w/drier (for R-12 beadlock)
31302-VBD Hose kit w/o drier (for R-12 beadlock)
315070-VUA Beadlock kit w/o individual bulkhead fittings

Standard Heater Hose Kits
Choose straight or 900 firewall bulkhead fittings. Includes: 10 feet of 5/8” heater
hose, 2 standard male O-ring 90 degree bulkhead fittings (or 2 standard straight
bulkhead fittings), 2 female O-ring 90 degree fittings and 8 hose clamps.
31400-VUD 900 bulkhead fitting heater hose kit
31401-VUD Straight bulkhead fitting heater hose kit




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